LC Media Solutions

Marketing on the move

About Us

We at LC Media Solutions are passionate about what we do. Our idea was to create great, high-quality online marketing solutions and excellent service at reasonable prices.  With our online marketing strategies and solutions we help our customers build their businesses and their relationships with their current and potential customers. We are always looking to help grow your business in your current markets, or open new channels and opportunities. Through our innovative ideas and strategies we are always striving to be the leader in our field.



Our experienced management works hard to accommodate all your needs and to exceed all your expectations. Our management team have extensive experience in management, online marketing management across a diverse set of markets, project management and client services management. Our team includes:
  • Managing Director
  • Marketing Director
  • Client Services Director


Our Team

At LC Media Solutions our team of professional experts are our biggest asset. We believe everybody has a role to play in our business and each one is equally important. Therefor creating a work environment where each can strive for their goals without limitations. Our team will as always be eager to help you. Our team includes:

  • Design Specialists
  • Website Specialists
  • SMA Specialists
  • SEO Specialists
  • ORM Specialists
  • Developers
  • Account Managers